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We select innovative projects that stand out for their quality and design, to achieve harmonious, modern spaces that respect the environment.

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Your dreams are the foundation

  we build the rest

For liquidated projects, the net rate of return is before taxes.

For operational projects, the expected net returns do not represent a reliable indicator of the future results of the projects and funds. The expected returns are based on the projection of results according to the information available to date and under assumptions expected by the Sartor Asset Management team.

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We observe the market to guide you on the way

Strategy and Studies Area

Market analysis / Monthly summary / Advisory meetings

Team with vast experience that allows us to offer informed opinions on the markets at the right time..

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Joaquin Aguirre E.
Joaquin Aguirre E. Studies Manager

He has 15 years of experience in the Research Area of ​​different private banks and brokers.

Cristian Araya
Cristian Araya Strategy Manager

He has 24 years of experience in the financial field, mainly in Stockbrokers and General Fund Administrators.

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