Who We Are

“Sartor Finance Group is an investment management firm recognized for its expertise in alternative assets and focus on high-net-worth clients. We aim to deliver tailored solutions for investors looking to improve their portfolio returns. Sartor's business strategy is to co-invest with our clients in different funds and type of asset classes.”

Pedro Pablo Larraín M. - Sartor Finance Group Partner and Managing Director

The name Sartor

Sartor is a word derived from Latin that means "tailor". This concept best represents the service we deliver to our clients: tailor-made solutions, according to their individual needs and preferences. 

Years of history
Business areas
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Experienced professionals

Core Values

What We Do

Our mission is to deliver close and personalized advice to each of our clients, with proprietary and third-party products, founded on independence, transparency and integrity.

Our Goal

We wish to be one of the best alternative assets managers in the region, and become a reference in personalized advisory services.

Our Driving Force

Excellence, integrity, honesty, clients confidence, high ethical standards and professionalism.

Our Story

  1. 2012

    Sartor begins operations as a family owned investment manager.
    Launch of Sartor Táctico Fund

  2. 2013

    Sartor becomes an Investment Advisory for High-Net-Worth clients.

  3. 2014

    Launch of Sartor Leasing Fund.
    Launch of Sartor Inmobiliario I and II funds

  4. 2015

    Launch of Sartor Acciones Globales Fund.

  5. 2016

    Sartor Asset Management is established.

  6. 2017

    Launch of Sartor Proyección Fund.

  7. 2018

    Sartor acquires 20% ownership of Midmall Maipú.
    Launch of Sartor Táctico Internacional Fund.

  8. 2019

    Sartor’s Real Estate Management division is created, and the Renta Comercial Fund is launched.
    Sartor joins the Association of Investment Funds: Acafi.

  9. 2020

    Regional representation of Carlisle Life Settlement funds.
    Atlas Fintech Holdings partners up with Sartor, broadening our range of products.